Resorts/ Hotels/ Motels

We offer complete customization and can fill a wide variety of needs, including but not limited to loss prevention, access control, parking lot enforcement, front reception, building lock up, and fire watch. Because our guards are responsible for both representing and protecting your business, personnel, and guests, we hold them to very strict standards. We have a variety of short-term and long-term agreement options. Guards are thoughtfully matched to each assignment and given proper training before they star.

Our guards can provide any and all of the following services while on duty:

  • Loss prevention
  • Vandalism and theft deterrence
  • Reception/phone answering
  • Greeting and escorting visitors
  • Visitor access and log-in
  • Emergency evacuation assistance
  • Fire watch
  • Customer service
  • Daily activity reports
  • Standing guard
  • Security clearance
  • Access card entry
  • Face recognition
  • Foot, bike, or golf cart patrol
  • Vehicle patrols
  • Perimeter patrols
  • Incidence reporting
  • Policy enforcement
  • Parking enforcement

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