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We are successful in satisfying our client’s requirements and executing according to their needs by improving the quality of our security services every day. We are here for you, daily, round the clock, without days off. Our rich experience guarantees a high degree of protection, reliability, professionalism and efficiency in resolving security concerns of any complexity! Our customers appreciate our individual approach. We serve in Orange County, Anaheim, Tustin, Orange, Fullerton, Brea, Garden Grove, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Riverside, Seal Beach and surrounding regions. Initially, we conduct a comprehensive analysis and identify all the weaknesses in protecting and ensuring the safety of your property, material values and employees. Wesafeguard is guaranteed, efficient, and honest private security company for your property, assets and life safety. We work with prominent business properties, school districts, construction sites, government facilities, business parks, industrial properties, shopping malls, high rises, lofts, hotels, and restaurants.

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At Wesafeguard, we aim to not only provide you with peace of mind, but also to grow businesses by helping homeowners, business owners, and property management companies to reduce the losses associated with theft, vandalism, and trust passing. We provide armed security guards, unarmed security guards, patrol security guards, and fire watch services for our local community. Recognizing the many security risks a business or person can face, we have established a full range of services to protect you. Our armed guards, unarmed guards, patrol security guard and fire watch services ensure a safe environment and safeguarding our clients investments.


Our Unarmed Security Guards work in many sites, including retail stores, residential sites, construction sites, school campus, entertainment venues, hospitals, banks, commercial and industrial sites.  When a criminal is weighing risk and reward, nothing tips the scales more than seeing a security guard patrolling your site. Security guards are the front line of protection for people, property and assets across the California, providing a rapid response to vandalism, theft, accidents and emergency. An Unarmed Security Guards primary responsibility is to monitor, and protect the property to which they are assigned against any criminal activity, detecting any suspicious happenings and preventing vandalism, thefts or any other criminal behavior. Every unarmed  security guard hired is up to date with California’s state guard card. This is licensed and issued by BSIS. Wesafeguard trains its guards even after issued the guard card by BSIS and continues to update each guard with new up to date procedures throughout the year. Our greatest commitment is to provide unmatched security services.


You are safe in the hands of our  Armed Security Guards who are highly trained to provide safety and security. Each  Armed Security Guard must pass a background and criminal investigation, have the required state license and be at least 21 years of age or older. They attend and complete the California state required training courses followed by our internal training courses on how to manage threats, report incidents and continue with a safe environment and protecting your assets .    With a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness, our armed security guards react quickly and appropriately to unforeseen events. An Armed Security Guards duty is to secures premises and personnel by  monitoring; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry. Obtains help by sounding alarms. Prevents losses and damage by reporting irregularities; informing violators of policy and procedures; restraining trespassers.


As a Patrol Security Guard,  accompanied with a vehicle to patrol the external and internal grounds of your property and reach each security concern check point in an efficient time.  Patrol Security Guards will undertake the surveillance of your premises and the protection of your staff and visitors. Patrol Services give our clients that large security presence they are looking for  when deterring security threats. Our  recruitment is based on the set of procedures that tend to attract qualified candidates and capable of holding positions within our organization. That is why we follow the most rigorous and precise processes when selecting our employees, since they represent us in the field of work.


We understand that each company or organization has different concerns when looking for security guard services. There is not one formula that fits all, any experienced security guard company will understand that. Wesafeguard conducts a comprehensive analysis, assess the property  and identify all the weaknesses in protecting and ensuring the safety of your property, material values and employees. Once we gather all necessary information, we will develop a custom security plan. We work honestly by tailoring our services according to your needs and do not impose any unnecessary expenses or services to our clients.


Our team has everything you need to ensure complete security. Our security guards is composed and trained with the mission to make your environment safer. Our expertise, combined with the high quality management team, allows us to offer a personalized, accessible and strategic service. Our team is trained and at your disposal to ensure you a flawless protection. Our security company offers a 24/7 service ensured by a discreet and dedicated team. 

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