Industrial Facility

Having a highly skilled security plan in place can ease those concerns. Are you prepared for when someone wants to jump your fence  and get into your your employee or customer parking lot? Or break the locks and sneak in after everyone goes home?  Do you know how long will it take for the threat to be identified, called in, and responded to? Wesafeguard security will help educate you on all the important facts.

Our industrial guard services are fully customizable and can include:

  • Loss prevention
  • Vandalism and theft deterrence
  • Reception/phone answering
  • Greeting and escorting visitors
  • Visitor access and log-in
  • Emergency evacuation assistance
  • Fire watch
  • Customer service
  • Daily activity reports
  • Standing guard
  • Security clearance
  • Access card entry
  • Face recognition
  • Foot, bike, or golf cart patrol
  • Vehicle patrols
  • Perimeter patrols
  • Incidence reporting
  • Policy enforcement
  • Parking enforcement

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