Construction Site

Theft of construction equipment and machinery costs the construction industry over 3 million to 1 billion a year reported by The National Equipment Register (NER). This is more than petty theft: there is a thriving, well-equipped black market for constructions goods which is kept in stock by gangs who can strip a construction site bare by morning. The costs are both immediate – from having to replace stolen equipment – and long term – from missed deadlines. By having a highly visible, professional security guard presence at your work site, you’ll discourage and reduce theft, loitering, vandalism, and unauthorized access, as well as improve the safety of your personnel.  All our security guards are Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) licensed and have passed a through background check. Our security guard services range from intermittent vehicle patrols to around-the-clock, on-site standing guard surveillance for the duration of the project.

Our construction site security services can include any of following:

  • Fire watch services
  • Security guard escort services
  • Equipment tracking
  • Truck logs
  • Inventory monitoring and tracking
  • Armed or unarmed standing guard service
  • Gate guard services (access control)
  • Vehicle, golf cart, or bicycle patrols
  • Unwanted behavior & crime deterrence
  • Daily activity report


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