Business Parks

In business, risks can be rewarded. In security, they can’t. Don’t expose your staff, assets and valuable information to unnecessary danger. Hire a fully trained,  licensed corporate security guards from Wesafeguard to keep your business safe while you focus on its success.We are trained in the industry of business parks to help shield your company for looters and vandalism.

Probably one of the most common security risks is unauthorized access of individuals. Their intentions may or may not be malicious. Even if they aren’t malicious, they can cause organization problems such as the seating arrangement or over-crowdedness. In case of an incident though, things can become seriously troublesome, mostly in a legal manner.

We can provide some or all of the services below:

  • Standing guard
  • Security clearance
  • Access card entry
  • Face recognition
  • Visitor access and log-in
  • Lock-up and alarm setting
  • Vandalism and theft deterrence
  • Reception/phone answering
  • Greeting and escorting visitors
  • Emergency evacuation assistance
  • Vehicle patrols
  • Perimeter patrols
  • Incidence reporting
  • Policy enforcement
  • Parking enforcement
  • Loss prevention
  • Fire watch
  • Customer service
  • Daily activity reports

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